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Solar Power and LED Lamps

I must say one thing: LED-Lampen are much better than the old filament lamps.

A different story are solar panels. solar panels are not good for supplying the fridge, freezer, washing machine, microwave oven and any other big and also critical energy consumer.

Solar panels make a lot of sense if you have roof access and an additional 24V electricity wire network in your house.

With that, it is good for powering most of the lighting. Without that, it is a lot of effort, not worth the investment.

Better replace the main consumers one by one with low energy devices.

The 230V low energy retro-fit devices are of course more expensive than 12/24V low energy devices, but you save a lot of capital when using them, because one saves the investment for the solar panels.

Example: we have saved a lot of energy by replacing our most frequently used light bulbs with branded LED light bulbs.

Whenever I need a new one, I replace it with a brandes LED light bulb. I know where to get 9W bulbs (which replace 60W bulbs) for as low as 18 S$. We have 20 of these in our living space and by investing 360 S$, I have cut the electricity costs from 0.24 S$/hour to 0.036 S$/hour. This means that I have my investment back after 1,800 hours (in our case about one year), which is only 10% of the average live of the LED light bulbs. In other words, after the first year we have up to 9 years (more realistically 5 years) of “free” lighting in our living space. It is very difficult to outdo this by retro-fitting a whole solar panel system into the existing set-up.

I have even found a source where one can buy an LED lamp that can be easily repaired, for only 20 S$.


Our next big energy consumer is our hot shower. I am planning to replace it with a combination of a solar heater and a gas heater.

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One thought on “Solar Power and LED Lamps

  1. Amazing!

    Posted by Erich | October 15, 2013, 1:53 am

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