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Ham Radio Equipment

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KN0CK HF Upconverting HF SDR Receiver

http://www.kn0ck.com/HF_SDR/ martywittrock@juno.com <align=”left”>The KN0CK HF Upconverting HF SDR Receivers were first introduced in January of 2013 and quickly became a best seller in terms of performance and cost against other RTL-SDRs on the market. With an embedded high performance 120 MHz HF Upconverter and MAR-8 preamplifier, a standard RTL-SDR becomes a remarkable HF Software Defined … Continue reading

Applied RF Electronics by Toni W2AEW

This is a great course. More than hundred videos on RF electronics.

Switching Buck Converter Power Supply with LM2678

nice teaching video!


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